CAPEX Approval & Management

CAPEX Approval & Management
Costumer:Express Carrier and premium logistic service provider

The Capex approval process for New, Replacement, Revision and Scrap items was executed manually. CAPEX budgets are finalized during year beginning and every approval is to be linked to budget. Budgets can be re-alloted by Finance heads across cost-centres and locations. The internal complexities of the process were not addressed by any OTC products.
The management was not ready to change the prevalent Capex Approval process and wanted to automate it as it is to ensure controls are maintained. Capex approval workflow had varying responsibility roles. Rejections/rework at every stage had to be addressed. The final approval is required from the CMD and then the Capital item can be procured.


quickBPM workflow engine is rugged to handle multiple iterations of single request. To and Fro allocation of a request based on the acceptance/rejection/rework comments is easily handled by qbForm and qbEngine.
At every stage, documents related to pricing and quotations can be attached. These can be viewed by authorized roles and different versions can be attached by the superiors. Business rules enable proper budget allocation and consumption for each Capex item booked. Transaction management capability enable budget reallocation and cancellation.
qbWorkDesk provided single window to business users to manage all Capex activities. Business Activity monitoring (BAM) has helped to identify process bottlenecks and rectify those. Overall process is expected to be improved by 15% with the first version of the Capex management. This version is expected to be fine tuned further after six months to achieve further improvements.

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