Corporate Social Responsibility Software- CSR


Governance Structure

The Corporate Social Responsibility committee and members, The Vision and Mission statement, CSR Policy, Committee meetings; Planning, intimation and approval/minutes recording in conformance with section 135 of companies act.


CSR Initiatives and Budgeting

The Corporate Social Responsibility budget for year, identify CSR initiative/activities as per section VII of companies act, budget allocation and approval for initiatives and setting up roles, responsibilities and review mechanism.


Outsourced/NGO evaluation

For a combination of NGO category and NGO class, qualification parameter are defined, assessed and reported at periodic interval, enabling NGO evaluation and rating.



Project Planning and Execution

Project Planning ,Scheduling, Baselining, Execution, Reporting, Document Management is enabled through quickBPM framework ensuring efficiency and ease of use.


Monitoring and Control

Real time and accurate reporting enables timely corrections to handle deviations in efforts, cost and schedule. Regular reviews and reporting by responsible project managers give qualitative status of the project.



The Drill down analysis, CSR activity monitoring, CSR audit trail, CSR qualitative assessment help organization to ensure various CSR initiatives are in line with the corporate commitments.